Could It Really Be Possible To Achieve
Explosive Muscle Gains And Eruptions In
Sleeve-Splitting Growth By Lifting
Nothing More Than “Baby Weights?”

The Answer Is Yes!...

Breakthrough Article Reveals The Worst BRO Myths Alive And The 3 Mass Mechanic Execution Principles... That Magnify Muscular Tension... Reduce Wasted Reps By 50% And Force Vice-Like Contractions From Your Stubborn Body Parts... Setting You Up For Continual Results For Years To Come…

All The While Saving Your Joints From Wear And Tear That Sends Most Guys Packing By Their Mid 30’s...

Hey champ,

I’ve got some truth I need to share with you today because I’m tired…

I’m tired of the myths.

I’m tired of all the “bro science” that’s out there.

I’m tired of the lies fed to you by weekend warriors, magazines, genetic freaks and steroid pushers.

If you want to know the real truth about building muscle, here it is

It’s not about how much you lift and it’s not about doing the ‘Big 3 Lifts’, which are the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Most would say you need these in order build muscle and the ultimate physique. That’s wrong and flat out false.

When you just try and “lift the weight,” your body disperses this tension throughout your entire body because your brain always seeks the path of least resistance. That’s fine if you want to be a powerlifter or a CrossFit athlete.

Yet you’re here because you just want to build muscle. Wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, it’s not even about your nutrition. Yes, that’s important, but it comes after what you’re about to discover on this page. Your workouts dictate your nutrition. The fitness world has a saying, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” Well you also can’t out-gain a bad workout with good nutrition.

That’s why most guys need 20+ junk sets to notice any gains whatsoever, even though 6 sets can get the job done once you apply these principles...

Oh and here’s the kicker….

There’s no such thing as a key compound lift. What do I mean by this? There’s no such thing as a “mass exercise”. It’s a myth. A lie. A complete fabrication from “bro scientists” and bodybuilding magazines.

However, I’m not done. It’s time for me to step in and stop you from being a victim of the blind following the blind. To stop you from making the same training mistakes millions are making every day.

This is not my opinion or something I’m pulling out of thin air. The information you’re about to discover are irrefutable facts. Just like the sky is blue and the earth is round. Everything I’m teaching comes from the world of physics and physiology.

So here are some more bro myths that will force you to look differently at your workouts and muscle-building strategies.

Bro Myth #1

“You can shape a muscle
with certain “shaping exercises.”


Sorry for laughing but seriously…

You can’t shape a muscle. It’s impossible. You can’t add
muscle to your “inner pecs” and you can’t add a sweep
to your outer quads. Oh and here’s my favorite...
you can’t add a Ronnie Coleman like peak to your biceps.

If you were born with crappy calf genetics... guess what? You’ll probably never have calf muscles that look like grapefruits were implanted inside of them. It’s just not in the cards for you.

However, don’t let this get you down. There is something you can do to improve your lagging body parts no matter how “doomed” you feel. I’ve been down that road before and we’ll get to this in just a moment.

Now Here’s The Truth!

This is an easy myth to bust. All 600+ of your muscles attach to bones via tendons. The muscle attachments do not move over time. What you’re born with is what you’ve got. If you have naturally big arms, it’s because of these tendon attachments.

But like I said above. If you have naturally small calves, you were born with high tendon
attachments. So why in the world do pro bodybuilders and their followers believe they can ‘peak’ their biceps closer to their elbow or hit their ‘inner pecs’ or improve their “V-Taper” with tons of pull ups?

Quite simply, it’s a great example of the blind leading the blind. A ring around a rosey, a pocket full of posey.

The idea you can target a specific part of the muscle with a specific exercise is impossible. Consider the water balloon analogy. Are you able to fill just one part of a balloon with water?

No! Because no matter how you put the water in the balloon, the balloon is going to expand in size because of its predetermined shape.

Check pictures of bodybuilders posing in the same fashion over time and you will see no one manages to move their biceps peak closer to the elbow or builds the inner chest region if they didn’t already have muscle mass there.

Bro Myth #2

“Stick to the ‘mass exercises’
to add size to your frame.”

There is an analogy in bodybuilding that states certains exercises can add “mass” to your frame just like adding clay to a sculpture.

You will have a small handful of basic, old-fashioned “bread and butter” exercises for each body part that will help you attain maximum mass potential.

The ‘gurus’ call these your “foundation movements”. They will tell you these “mass exercises” work the muscle harder, heavier and more thoroughly than any other. And guess what, they are the same exercises you’re already doing!

The Truth!

Just like there is no such thing as shaping exercise, there is no such thing as a mass exercise. This myth arose based upon the amount of weight one could lift in a given exercise.

The truth is if the pec fatigues in, say, eight reps on a press and eight reps on a cable fly, then the pec itself was under the same load. Chances are the actual poundage used was very different on each exercise, but don’t confuse the weight you see with the force that is placed on a muscle.

The more muscles and joints that are used to lift a weight, the more weight that can be lifted. But that weight is now distributed over many individual muscle groups, joints, tendons and ligaments with each accepting no more load than they could deal with by themselves.

In the end, people fail to realize that various exercises create different mechanical advantages and disadvantages. Never appreciating the amount of tension a certain exercise places on or takes away from the working muscle. For example, a relatively light weight placed far from the joint may create as much force as a heavier weight located closer to the joint.

Bro Myth #3

“Compound exercises are better than
isolation exercises for building muscle.”

The foundation of all muscle building programs should be compound exercises because they engage more muscle groups, which allows you to lift more weight, and leads to faster progress.

The Truth!

Your muscles have zero clue whether you’re doing a bench press or a chest fly… a military press or a side lateral raise… a squat or a leg extension. Again, this is not my opinion. This is simple physics and physiology.

Research has shown your muscles only care about
three different stimuli when it comes to muscle growth:



And Stress...

I call it DTS Training. Isolation exercises, when done properly, can create equal if not MORE tension, damage and stress than compound exercises. Now how is that possible?

Because of mechanical disadvantages. So stop thinking there’s something magical about your compound movements.

Okay, now that was a lot, but how much is your head spinning right now? I told you this information would be different. But just like most guys out there, I was a victim to these bro myths for years until I turned on my critical thinking skills.

So if you’re looking to “UP” your game and be ahead of the curve, then keep reading.

The information you’re about to discover
is rarely taught or talked about

You definitely won’t be able to find it in any magazine, book or internet article. However, once this information hits your eyes, “the art of building muscle” will make more sense to you than ever before.

You’ll discover the only ways to stimulate muscle growth each second of every rep in the gym. You’ll finally discover the secret to more muscle in less time by taking advantage of intra-muscular tension. All while avoiding the common mistakes that send most guys packing over the years from injury.

Trust me, your physique is going to thank you in the coming weeks, months and years. Just imagine 1, 5 or even 10 years from now. You’ll still be in the gym, loving life, having fun and crushing your workouts. Your gains will still be noticeable each month while your body feels 10-20 years younger than your biological age.

Most guys, by the time they hit their 30s, are so banged up from their younger days in the gym they can barely bench press 135. Oh and forget about squatting or deadlifting. Their glory days will be well behind them.

Meanwhile you’ll still be smack dab in the middle of your prime. Building muscle and gaining strength well into your years without worry. It’s possible and achievable with the information on this page. It’s up to you to have an open mind. So what do you say?
Are you ready for steady, noticeable gains the rest of your life?

Because the truth is...

Continual Research From The World’s Leading
Exercise Scientists All Confirm It’s Not The Big
Bang Exercises Or How Much You Lift That Cause
The MOST Muscle Growth...

It goes deeper than that.

In fact, this stuff wasn’t even taught by Joe Weider in all his years of owning his magazine empire. Only until now have these mass mechanic principles been uncovered and taught by a select few. While still, unfortunately, being ignored by the masses. It’s no wonder most guys surrender to the epidemic of “slow growth syndrome” then blame it on their genetics. This causes complacency, weakness and thoughts about quitting.

Now let me ask you this…

Are you one of them? Have you ever felt like this? If so, don’t worry because dude, it’s not your fault. I made the same mistakes a few years back. I still saw results in the gym, but they were awfully boring. It was like watching paint dry on a wall. Yet once I discovered this material, only then did I notice total body gains on a constant basis.

Now here’s the best part. These gains were all made with “baby weights.” I ditched the heavy squats, deads and bench presses. I still perform these exercises and their variations, yet in a totally different way.

I just focus on certain tweaks that magnify muscular tension before and during the set. Once I did, I could notice the difference in soreness and fatigue that day and the next. It was specific to the muscle I trained and nowhere else.

For example, If i trained hamstrings, I was sore in my hamstrings. Not my inner thighs, quads or joints. And I’m not talking about soreness that causes you to curse under your breath when you try and walk. No. I’m talking about “good soreness.” The soreness that makes you feel proud, like you accomplished something in the gym. My body is constantly forging new strength and muscle gains every week and I never hit a plateau. Plus, my bones and joints feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Trust me, I’ve been in this game a long time. I’ve done it all and seen it all when it comes to building muscle on my skinny, less-than-blessed frame. I use what works and throw out the rest.

It All Starts With Optimal Rep Execution
aka “The Perfect Rep!”

And when combined with the perfect exercise for your genetic structure, it’s a match made in heaven. However, choose the wrong exercise and it can be a recipe for disaster, like marrying the wrong woman.

You’ll get very little in return and set yourself up for failure and divorce. Or in some cases, injury and even death. Have you seen those gym blooper videos? They’re not for the faint of heart.

So if you want to avoid death and divorce with your gains, keep reading.

There are 3 specific, MASS Mechanic Execution Principles I’d like to share with you today. When combined, they are the first dominoes in a long line that kick off the muscle-building process inside of your body.

Focus on these 3 principles with proper exercise selection and neck-snapping results are right around the corner for you.

Mass Mechanics Principle #1

The Principle of Ownership

Here is an undisputed fact about building muscle.

You must stimulate an anabolic response from your training and the only way to do this is with Time Under Tension. The principle of ownership stems from OWNING the weight through a controllable range of motion that allows you to contract your working muscle. However, not just in the positive (concentric) portion of the lift, but also during the
lowering phase.

Basically, if you want to create maximum tension, you must control the weight. If you can’t control it, you can’t challenge it. If you can’t challenge, it you can’t grow it. In the end, the currency for real muscular growth is control. Without control you’re stuck going nowhere. Like trying to row upstream without a paddle.

Here are some simple cues you can use that I like to give my students at our Muscle Camps to visualize this concept and put it to work.

Cue #1 is to initiate the movement with the working muscle. Before you even move the weight, contract the muscle hard. Feel it engage. Kill all momentum and opportunity to cheat. Cheating only dumps stress through your joints and tendons. This is called passive tension and can lead to injury. Get inside the working muscle, engage it then begin to contract your muscles against the resistance. You’re never “lifting”, you’re always contracting.

The second cue is about beating the weight 1 pound at a time.
This cue forces you to slow down and direct the tension into the working muscle and nothing else. Here’s how this works: During the concentric (lifting) portion of the movement focus on contracting hard enough to beat the weight one pound at a time. On the eccentric (lowering) portion of the movement focus on contracting hard enough to let the weight beat you one pound a time.
Good luck!

And last but not least, SLOW DOWN. The idea here is to slow the movement down and ensure your muscles are doing the work. If you’re doing a squat and lowering to the bottom and I yell, “STOP!” and you can’t get into an isometric hold than the weight controls you instead of you controlling the weight.

Mass Mechanics Principle #2

The Principle of Respect

Have you heard the terms you must “squat ass to grass” and “you must deadlift from the floor” and “go through a full range of motion?” Well if you answered yes…I want you to throw those phrases out the window.

They don’t apply here. The only people that are subjected to a specific range of motion are powerlifters who are governed by a set of rules for their sport. The rest of us can throw those rules in the garbage.

The entire notion that you MUST train through a “full range of motion” is utter BS. A true understanding of exercise is asking, “What do I want to get out of this exercise?” and “What is my goal with this exercise?” Exercise range of motion must be modified to what YOU want out of an exercise. What a fascinating concept, eh?

On top of that, “train through a full range of motion” assumes that your body is the same as mine. The truth is, achieving a full range of motion is different from one person to the next. It’s dependent on length/tension relationships, neural capabilities, contractile abilities and joint structure.

For some guys, no matter how much they try, they can’t squat ass to grass. It becomes less of a lower body exercise and more of a lower back exercise for them. Plus, forcing yourself into ranges of motion your body is not meant for will only set you up for injury. If you’re one of these guys, stop it.

You need to lift according to what your body allows.

Here’s what I tell my guys at Muscle Camp…

“Respect your range of motion. Don’t try and correct it. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.”

This sets you up for pain-free lifting plus maximum stimulus on the working muscle. Throw your ego to the side and respect what your body is trying to tell you. Use it to your benefit.

Mass Mechanics Principle #3

The Principle of Disadvantages

This one is my favorite. Once I discovered this, everything just clicked. Here’s the deal…

Your body doesn’t want you to build muscle. It hates anything that’s hard. It prefers to say
in homeostasis.

Disadvantages build muscle. Advantages are good only for CrossFitters, athletes and powerlifters who are focused on performance goals and where they desire to become efficient.

When it comes to building muscle, it’s your goal to push your body out of its comfort zone and become as “inefficient” as possible. You’re always seeking for ways to create a disadvantage. The more inefficient, the better your results and the stronger the anabolic response to exercise.

The more disadvantages you can put a muscle through, the faster you will grow.

A perfect example is performing a biceps curl seated on the incline bench as opposed to standing up. It puts the muscle in a disadvantaged state. That’s why building muscle is not about how much you can bench, squat, or deadlift for 1 rep.

It’s ONLY about creating MAXIMUM tension through your own specific range of motion, which you can control and contract, for any given exercise.

These 3 Muscular Execution Techniques Are
The Secret Key To Unlock Pounds Of
Untapped Strength And Anabolic Growth…
Regardless Of Genetics

That’s why it’s more crucial than your nutrition plan or any training program you follow. You must execute each rep, each set and each exercise using these 3 principles above to kick-start the muscle-building process inside of your body.

If you fail to do this, it doesn’t matter how well you eat, how much protein you consume or what program you follow.

But if you act on what I just told you starting today, you’ll be light years ahead of your buddies and guys around the world.

Just imagine how it’s going to feel to leapfrog past those same faces and bodies you see in the gym everyday?

To add weight to the bar while building noticeable, head-turning muscle without the chance of injury or damage on your bones and joints...

And to build a physique that forces respect from friends, colleagues, co-workers and magnetically attracts stares from the opposite sex when you walk by.

Now with that being said, here’s the best part that I haven’t shared with you yet.

I’ve been secretly working on a database of exercises that ALL use these 3 Mass Mechanic principles. I’m talking about hundreds of rare, hard-to-find and even common exercises that produce pounds of new gains and strength.

However, these aren’t some silly circus act exercises that waste your time. Not even close. Pound for pound, they are the most effective movements that can stimulate muscle tissue even in the genetically less-than-gifted male (and gal) who wants to radically alter their body.

Imagine this as the Fort Knox of golden exercises guaranteed to turn you into a walking monument. To date, there are over 110 videos in this vault and I’m adding to it every month.

And for a limited time, I’m going to open the doors to this treasury of long-lost and forgotten exercises to a select few. If you’ve ever purchased any of my programs, you’ll be able to find the exercises for that program in here. Plus hundreds of others you can swap in and out to use for a change in pace and stimulate new gains.


The Ultimate Exercise Execution
Online Video Library

to Increase Tension, Growth & Longevity!

Like I said, there are over 110 videos for 10 different body parts using the 3 MASS Mechanic Principles you read on this page. A lot of these exercises are so unique; I guarantee you’ve never seen them before. You’ll never find them on YouTube or any book or article.

Now some of them, like I said, are common. I won’t lie. However, 95% of the guys performing these average exercises are doing it all wrong. Even a simple biceps curl is being screwed up by the majority of individuals out there. Swinging the weight, placing all the stress on your wrist and shoulder joints. It’s an epidemic and I can’t stand it anymore. However, biceps curls are just the tip of the iceberg. Even a simple bench press can be tweaked and altered to show you how to properly stimulate your pecs for a button
popping chest.

Just don’t get upset with me if you have to buy bigger shirts down the road.

That’s why for each exercise, I take you through the process rep for rep and coach you through specific cues to make sure you’re stimulating the working muscle using the 3 MASS Mechanic principles.

Like I’ve said before, it’s not about just lifting the weight, it’s about maximizing the contraction of the working muscle.

Nobody out there is teaching this…

Your goal is to stimulate muscle TISSUE and nothing else. That’s the only element that matters. Get this wrong and it doesn’t matter how great of a post workout shake you consume…

Now This Is NOT For Anyone & Everyone…

  • This is not for you if you’re a powerlifter or want to compete in strongman. That’s great, but these exercises, cues and database are more geared to the guy who is solely interested in building muscle. If you’re built like a bull with an 18 inch neck and concrete wrists, this is not for you.
  • If you have hours to spend in the gym and can care less about anything else, this is probably not for you. If you love just shooting the breeze, pumping out reps and sets without a care in the world, then please click away.
  • If you have an ego and love stroking it with heavy lifts, compound movements, progressive overload and maxing out, please move on. This is for guys who want to build muscle while training smart and can care less about how much more they can bench than the guy next to them.

Also, this is not another “How To”
exercise tutorial database.

Those are a dime a dozen. I’m sure you know how to do most of the common exercises... what sets this apart are the execution principles for each exercise and each body part I’ll be coaching you through. This is worth its weight in gold. What’s the point of doing an exercise if you’re not executing your reps properly to stimulate growth? This brings us back to the point about passive tension. Passive tension is a gains killer and only sets you up for injury down the road from wear and tear on your joints.

I also peel back the curtain and break down each major muscle group on your body and how to properly train it for maximum gains in less time.I promise you, this information is not being taught anywhere else. I won’t be using any “bro science” or conventional stuff you’ll find in any magazine.

I spent thousands of dollars to learn these in-depth, physics- and physiology-driven principles to build up each muscle group and you’ll be getting it all today. It’s like I’m installing my brain into your body.

Plus, you’ll discover my secret, Pre-Workout Activation Exercises that set you up for instant gains in strength and size. The purpose of these activation exercises is to learn how to contract your muscles in their shortened position, which is the biggest challenge for your brain. By doing so, you’ll excite your central nervous system and activate more muscle fibers. The more muscle fibers you activate, the stronger contractions you’ll experience and the more results you’ll enjoy.

The knowledge I’m bringing you is information I’ve spent tens of thousands on in the past two years alone.

Learning as much as possible from the brightest mechanics experts out there when it comes to building mass.

It’s all contained inside and let me reassure you that you will not find ANY of this info floating around on YouTube or anywhere else.

So if you’re looking to really bring up a few lagging
body parts (we all have them), then you’ll love these videos.

However, I’m not done. You’ll also discover…

Chest Exercises

  • The #1 WORST exercise for your chest. (this one alone sends more guys to the hospital than anything else)…
  • How to properly stimulate maximum tension in your pecs using dumbbells (hint: it’s all in your trunk and core)
  • My “hug a tree trick” that can build even the most underdeveloped, a washboard chest in a matter of weeks…
  • And why it’s not about how much you bench, but how to stimulate intra-muscular tension through your own pre-determined range of motion for more muscle and less chance of injury…

Back Exercises

  • My favorite exercise to build lats that block out the sun and make you turn sideways when walking through the door
    (hint: it’s not wide-grip pullups)
  • The worst mistake I see most guys (and some women) do in the gym that lengthen their lats and turn most back movements into bicep exercises...
  • Why you must PULL with your ELBOWS and not your hands during all rowing and pulldown/pullup exercises (get this right and you’ll feel the difference right away with how pumped up your lats will feel)
  • The real reason narrow grip exercises won’t thicken up your lats. In fact, it’s impossible once you discover these simple physics and mechanic principles on the inside…

Shoulders Exercises

  • Why the military press is the most overrated shoulder exercise known to man…
  • My 30 degree tension trick that activates a majority of your fibers while removing any passive tension from your shoulder joint and upper trap muscles…
  • The #1 best exercise that stimulates ALL 3 heads of your delts…(your jaw will drop when you find out)
  • Why most guys should never perform an overhead press...and if they do, they’re doing it wrong (it’s not about pressing straight up, but in a specific pattern that mimics true muscular action)

Biceps Exercises

  • Where to hold the dumbbell to create maximum torque and tension on the biceps muscle…(hint: it’s not in the middle)
  • How to perform a proper curl and gain 25% more contraction capabilities turning on more muscle fibers than ever before...
  • Why adding a PEAK to your biceps is absolutely impossible and nothing more than a magician’s lie…
  • Always feel fatigue in your shoulders when doing curls? Follow this simple torso cue that forces powerful contractions and enables 100% of the weight to be placed on your biceps…

Triceps Exercises

  • How a simple triceps extension can be turned into a more efficient exercise than regular dips…
  • If you struggle to build your triceps, you must stay away from this “king of all exercises” powerlifters love to preach about to build up the meat on the back of your arm…
  • The axis of rotation secret that forces consistent tension on your triceps during the entire range of motion…
  • Plus discover a simple mistake most guys are doing in the gym that can cause severe damage over time to your elbow joint…

Quads Exercises

  • Why just “standing up” during your squat can turn this powerful lower body exercise into a back lift (this is especially important if you’re tall)
  • You’ll discover the truth about the famous “knee over your toe myth” and why you SHOULD be doing this if you want big, defined, quads…(PT guys are going to hate me)
  • How to push yourself AWAY from the floor and pull your quads into your waist that creates maximum tension...allowing you to build up your lower body no matter what you’ve tried in the past...
  • If you can’t squat “ass to the grass,” don’t. Instead, use this special 5-pound plate shortcut to improve your range of motion while activating the targeted muscle groups...
  • The instant flexibility fix that allows even the tallest, least flexible person to squat perfectly every single time...

Hamstrings Exercises

  • The optimal rep range for any leg curling exercise that targets your specific fiber makeup for maximum gains…
  • The worst hamstring exercise that powerlifters LOVE, but will set you up for injury down the road and almost guarantee a one-way ticket to a surgeon’s operating table…
  • My functional isometric technique that activates your hamstrings and improves your deadlift strength while also protecting you from injury…
  • The simple “foot position cue” that removes most of the tension on your powerful calf muscles and transfers that tension straight into the back of your legs…
  • What you should be doing at the top of every hamstring movement. Get this right and you’ll never have a lower back problem in your will activate 100% of your hamstring musculature on every single rep...

Calves Exercises

  • Why the Principle Of Ownership is the most important aspect to building bigger calf muscles…
  • Have toothpicks for calf muscles? Stop doing this at the bottom range of your exercises…
  • The exact technique I used to add 1 inch to my calves in just 28 days (takes only 15 seconds)
  • How to “push your body out of the machine” and achieve a peak contraction in your calf muscles...turning your peg legs into powerful looking head-turners...

Abs Exercises

  • Discover why most guys (and gals) can never get their abdominal muscles to POP no matter how many crunches or situps they perform…
  • My 3-rep death set that will have your six pack begging for mercy…
  • The truth about ab thickening exercises and why this myth needs to finally be put to bed…
  • Plus, a simple breathing technique that builds abs of steel (even Superman would be jealous)

Traps Exercises

  • Learn why the DB Shrug is not a great trap builder and almost a waste of time.
  • Beef up your traps with THE most effective Trap exercise you've never tried.
  • Big traps are definitely the mark of a bodybuilder. Learn the ultimate cue to unlock massive traps without having to rely on heavy weights.
  • Avoid the biggest trap training mistake that will destroy your shoulders and sideline your gains.

Plus these special bonus…

The Mass Mechanics Exercise Execution Guide

This manual will teach you how to make every REP count! Remember: It doesn’t matter how many reps you do if half of them suck!

Learn how to own every single inch of the rep with perfect form so that you maximize tension... and protect yourself from the #1 cause of exercise injuries...lack of control.

This is a MUST-HAVE resource for anyone who has purchased No Nonsense Muscle-Building 2.0 or any of my other paid programs so that you get the fastest results. It’s the perfect addition to ensure you build a rock-hard body... without pain or injury.

The Mass Mechanics Quick Start Video

The Mass Mechanics Quick Start Video is the first thing I want you to go through when you reach the Private Members Only page. These exercise tutorial videos are all about optimal mechanics to build muscle mass. It’s so important to understand the science around these principles, which is why I made this quick start welcome.

In the end, it’s all about getting bigger and using execution cues to create tension that force an anabolic growth stimulus. That is the whole purpose of this database of exercises. Our only focus is building muscle. It’s not about fat loss or trying to lift gargantuan weights.
It’s not about improving your Workout Of The Day Times or boosting your deadlift numbers.

If you want to discover the beginnings of these Mass Mechanic Principles and how you’ll be applying them in your workouts, then you’re going to love this Quick Start video.

These Unique & Hard To Find “Mass-Mechanic” Exercises Are A Simple Shortcut To
Explosive Growth And Aesthetic Gains…

Once you start implementing these 3 principles, plus using movements tailored to your own body, you’ll be able to experience faster results in half the time. All by thoroughly hitting the targeted muscle with maximum force, tension and vice-like contractions. This cuts down on workout waste by at least 50% and has you leaving the gym more energetic than when you walked in.

Here’s what some others have said about this ultimate exercise execution vault and these max-contraction cues when paired with No Nonsense Muscle-Building 2.0…

Michka Grant

4 hours ago

Hey gang! Just wanted to say hello real quick and how much I am absolutely loving NNMB2.0. I'm finishing up week 4 tomorrow and the results are already amazing. I've been working out for 5 years now and I've never seen results THIS quick! Thanks Vince!

Shane Dutton

10 hours ago

Vince DelMonte I loved how you told us which part of the strength curve to combine with the form of hypertrophy that we are trying to achieve that day, and a few forms of Micro progression.
Also loving NNMB 2.0, it's brutal but I'm seeing some amazing gains and I'm only a week and half into it.

Landon Miller

20 hours ago

Wanting to just say massive props to the NNMB 2.0 program. I can tell that I am actually getting stronger especially in my back. Actually having a plan when working out is starting to show

Fanelli Films

43 hours ago

I can personally vouch for this kind of training. Heavy weight is worthless of it isn't working the right muscle. I've just finished a week of your DTS training (from the three videos) and it's great. I was feeling pretty sore after the stress day. I know soreness isn't an indicator of muscle growth but it does tell me that the muscles were being worked

Mark Mayhem

9 hours ago

I love this full body workout for Beginners as it really gets you back to the basics. I wouldn't say that I am a beginner but you can always learn from going back to the start to rebuild again. Thank you again for being a great mentor to world helping us to live a life of true expansion!

Fanelli Films

43 hours ago

Yo vince... You stepped up your muscle game big time! Its good bro... I love your videos. I think your whole approach to bodybuilding now is amazing! Speak the truth... Make good videos... And REAL individuals will follow...

I know what you’re thinking... How much is
this incredible information going to cost?

Okay…hold on. We're almost there.

More important than how much it will cost (and it'll be much less than you think, I promise you that)… is what it's worth.

I’m going to be honest with you because I’ve seen it time and again... 

98% of guys are doing MORE harm than good to their bodies when training with weights.

You see, when you train improperly and neglect to focus on creating tension within the muscle tissue, you’re setting yourself up for disaster down the road, because you're dumping all the tension throughout your fragile joints which will eventually grind down to a pulp. 

And when you have bone on bone, you’re screwed

Granted, it might take you a few years or maybe a decade. On the flip side, it could be right around the corner for you. But if you neglect these 3 MASS Mechanic principles you just discovered on this page, an injury or even a trip to your local surgeon’s table is in your future.


And last time I checked, a simple elbow or shoulder surgery costs upwards of $10,000 or more plus thousands of dollars in physiotherapy bills…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re not even talking about spinal surgery, or dealing with chronic, debilitating pain for the rest of your life all because you wanted to impress your buddies in the gym with heavy weight. It’s just not worth it.

Now you could just click away and decide to learn this stuff on your own like I did, which is fine. However, it’s going to cost you around $195 per hour from a top specialist in your area who even knows this information.

One of the guys I learned all of this from here in Canada, charges that number and I go to see him 3x per month. That’s $585 a month! And if you do that over the course of 3 years like I did, hang on… let me grab a calculator. Wow, that’s a whopping $21,060!

You could also get trained by some of top guys in the world who are experts in this arena as well. They charge at least $150 per session. If you work out 3 times a week, for just 3 months, that would cost you more than $5,400.

When I trained with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski who turned me on to this information 5 years ago, I spent well over $15,000 learning from the same courses and instructors.

Is that something you’re willing to do or can afford? If so, directly paying the guys I’ve learned from is a great investment. I'd even say the best investment -- as long as you can find a guy locally plus have the time and money -- I say skip this program and go for it.

But realistically… who wants to spend thousands of dollars? Not you. Not even most fitness professionals can afford that.

So, here’s the deal...

Like I said, a lot has gone into creating this vault. I spared no expense, investing $10,432 to shoot and edit more than 5 hours of HD training videos. I believe in quality and really wanted to up the game. Plus, I’m continually adding to the vault sometimes every week and month and plan on doing so for years to come.

That’s why my first inclination was to sell lifetime, unlimited access for $1,500. How did I get that number?

My hourly personal training rate is $150 per hour. With 10 body parts in total (10 x $150 = $1,500), your cost would be $1,500 to teach you optimal exercise execution for your entire body.

However, because of the ultra successful re-release of my #1 program No-Nonsense Muscle Building…

And because I create this not for monetary gains, but as a must have resource for all my customers to use for years to come….

I’m going to give you unlimited, unprecedented, lifetime access for nowhere near the cost of the bill my video guy gave to me for creating all 110+ videos.

I've deliberately made this game-changing program AFFORDABLE.

It should be no surprise, after spending almost 5 years gathering these technique, there's an extraordinary high value on it.

Again, in a private 1-on-1 setting, I charge $150 to learn how to train just 1 of the 10 body parts that you'll be getting in the full program.

However, at the imploring of my business partner who inspired me to put my heart and soul into creating this program for Team Del Monte, I've temporarily decided to give this away at the LOWEST PRICE I'll ever offer it for.


You're not even going to pay half that.

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Immediately, you’ll experience more vice-like contractions within just days you will see your muscles grow while using LESS weight… You will build muscle for years to come because you’re not banging up your joints with crappy form resulting in injuries. Plus, you will have more energy to spare since you’re not driving your body and nervous system into the ground with junk sets that overtax your recovery capabilities.

And if for any reason you’re unhappy then just open up a ticket at our helpdesk: and Bianka, my assistant, will make sure you get an immediate refund.

This is more than just a guarantee... it’s a personal promise to you! However, I must be upfront and honest with you, this is not a workout program.

And even if you request a refund, you can keep the entire program, and we can still be friends! I trust that you’re an honest person just as I know you’re trusting me. I think that’s the fair thing to do, wouldn’t you say?

- Vince Del Monte

Again, once you click the button, you’ll have instant access to 110+ high quality, HD demonstrations of all my favorite exercises. Each exercise was created to give you the biggest bang for your buck while following the 3 MASS Mechanic principles.

You’ll never run out of exercises and never hit a plateau.

Like I said, you won’t be able to find some of these exercises anywhere else and certainly not on YouTube. However, if you’re deadly serious about achieving unstoppable gains in muscle, strength and vitality, then you’re going to love this Fort Knox of long-lost exercises.

It’s All In Your Hands Now Because You Have
2 Options Where To Go From Here...

You could take what you learned on this page, apply these principles on your own and I’m sure you’ll notice results. However, these techniques are very technical and there are multiple internal and external cues per exercise so that you know exactly what to think about during the movement.

There’s a good chance you might screw them up or miss a specific cue that takes away from the exercise. Plus, you won’t be able to apply all these cues at once. You’ll likely add one cue per week because each cue is that powerful.

I promise, these techniques and cues is info you’ve never seen, heard or tried before. It helps to have a coach right there with you every step of the way.

That’s why for each exercise in the MASS Mechanic Video Exercise Database, I made sure it comes with many cues. I take you by the hand and tell you what to feel and how to execute the movement for the best gains possible.

You’ll be able to take this exercise database with you into the gym, have it on your phone and go through your workout exercise by exercise. Again, I’ll be right in your ear the entire time.

Now how much do you feel that’s worth?

Like I said, you're looking at $1,350 if you were to hire me 1-on-1 to take you through all 9 body parts that are included today. However,you can have lifetime access to this treasure trove of exercises for just a one-time investment of $147.

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I want you to achieve the results you desire and deserve. The principles I shared with you on this page are MORE important than your diet or supplement regimen.

Like I’ve said before, you can’t out-gain a bad workout with good nutrition. The currency for growth begins with proper execution using the 3 MASS Mechanic techniques.

If you neglect these, then nothing you do at home matters. No supplement or diet or intense efforts can make up for your lack of efficient exercise execution.

You need to stimulate in the gym in order to fuel growth for the rest of the day. It all starts here.

Don’t wait any longer. Click the yellow "Buy Now" button below. I’ll see you on the inside.


- Vince Del Monte


Honours Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 & 2 Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
WBFF Pro Fitness Model

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